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About Us

Shortridge Speech and Language PLLC is a speech therapy private practice specializing in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Practice owner and therapist, Adrienne Shortridge, has over 15 years of experience working with individuals with various communication needs.


Adrienne has worked as a speech language pathologist in various settings, including schools, private practice, daycares, homes, and clinics. Her passion has always been individuals with communication deficits, particularly those with complex communication needs.

Adrienne began as a special education teacher in Guilford County, NC, working with students with multiple severe disabilities, including autism, developmental delays, intellectual delays, behavior and emotional disorders, and communication deficits. After 6 years of teaching, she obtained a Masters of Arts in Speech Language Pathology to improve the communication outcomes of her students and became a speech language pathologist in the local school system.

She moved to Durham, NC, and became a member of the Durham Public Schools Assistive Technology (AT) Team, further increasing her passion for helping others communicate, particularly those with the most complex needs.

She later moved to Rutherford County and worked as a speech language pathologist in the schools before deciding to open a regional private practice specializing in AAC. Adrienne has built her practice based on a passion of helping individuals with complex communication needs find their voices, and helping families and caregivers be a part of that journey through teaching, coaching, and support.

Shortridge Speech and Language is currently accepting new clients for speech language and communication evaluations and therapy. We accept Medicaid for evaluation and therapy services. Services are provided in the home, community, or via teletherapy. Clinic services will be offered soon.

Education & Credentials

Speech Language Pathology Services Credentials

  • NC Board of Examiners License in Speech and Language Pathology

  • SC Board of Examiners License in Speech and Language Pathology

  • American Speech Language Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competence

Relevant Training and Membership

  • Member of ASHA Special Interest Group 12: Augmentative and Alternative Communication 

  • Member of North Carolina Augmentative Communication Association (NCACA)

  • ASHA ACE Award (February 2019, August 2017)

  • Trained in PODD (June 2019, Portland, OR)

  • Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) Extended Course (January 2017)


University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • Master of Arts in Speech Language Pathology


University of Miami

  • Master of Science in Education

  • Teaching License in Special Education


Duke University

  • Bachelor of Arts

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